Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Time!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Spring is on it's way and it's time to get my seeds planted, I save all my yogurt cups through the year and start my own. Am I the only cheapskate in the crowd? I feel that God has given me these seeds free, and I"d rather start them on my own than pay $9 a flat at the greenhouse.
We can't put them in the ground here until Memorial Day, so I usually start them now, so they're bloomin by the end of May. These are Debbie's Dream marigold and I have plenty, if anybody wants a few just e-mail me and I will gladly share.
Free Flats of Flowers! Get Your Bouquet Here!
As I tell my DH, I'm not cheap, I just enjoy "free" alot.

The little quilts are practice squares from scraps for my messy, uneven, etc. machine quilting. Yes, my dears, I still need practice.

Does anybody recognize the Cubby Bear? Baseball Season is also on it's way, and we love the Cubbys and the Tigers, (even when they lose).

Happy Planting Everyone!


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love the tigers too, even though I grew up in Indian/Pirates country. The dear little quilts under the bear were delightful. Are your marigolds the little bush types,.. I left all my seeds in Africa...didnt' want to break the sneaking them into the country.

Finn said...

Hi Granny Lyn, sorry to be so slow in getting back here. I just don't how Libby makes it as many places as she does *VBS*
I love your little quilts. I think it's the perfect answer for practing, whether it's machine quilting or binding...and fun besides.
I see I just nudged you over in the grandkids count, but you me way beat in the number of children! And how fun to have your little ones close enough to visit with. I see very little of most of mine, sometimes only once a year. It's pretty hard.
Love your seed idea, and I'd love to have you send me a few to plant. I'll return the favor, I'm sure I've got something different saved in my bundle of white enveloped in a garden tin *VBS*. Drop me an email please, if you can. I'm at
Love your Cubby bear with crayons to the ready! Big hugs, Finn

QuiltedSimple said...

I love your little quilts - they are always put together sew well - hehe. And you see quick gratification that they aren't taking weeks (or months) to complete. Hope the grandkids are all well.


Christine said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Loved the post about the broomstick lace you are making with Lambie - never seen this before.

disa said...

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