Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A stitch in time...

Granny and Papa have had the blessing of the two oldest girls the last month or so, and Granny has had enough children to know that a busy child is a happy child... So, we do a lot of crafts at Granny and Papa's house. The three oldest grandchildren are boys, and when they were younger, I taught them how to stitch, too. Now, they are teens, and do not want to be reminded how much they LOVED to stitch!!! But the girls will carry this love all they way through life!! (that is Granny's wish!) So, we drew our pictures,
Then we taped them to the window, and it did not matter to Liberty that hers was up-side-down, but Elly would have had conniptions if hers was taped wrong. We traced our pictures, and we were soooooo happy!
No peeking,,,,you have to wait!!!
Our fingers were so nimble, our needles flew!
Have you ever seen such concentration???

Our work in progress...now all Granny has to do is figure out how we want to finish them, and we'll let you see the end result when we're done...

Hope all your needles are flying, too!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ti-i-i-ime is not on my side...

OK, girls, beat me now and get it over with, I am not a good blogger, I have missed you all, and do I get an extra 100 points for blogging BEFORE I read my 212 e-mails???

I have finished the benefit quilt, (good thing, since it is only a week away) it is all quilted, washed and we are guarding it from dog hair the best we can!!

The girls have been here a lot, and entertaining them has been a treat. We painted, cut, stitched, and colored. We found the perfect letters at a yard sale, an E for Elly...and an L for Liberty, they must have known I was coming??? could it be more perfect??? And after school started, Papa and Granny had some wonderful free time up at our trailer. (sigh) it is sooo peaceful up there.

On Finn's blog, I pledged to finish 5 projects by the end of the year, EEEEK!!

I have the Benefit (leaders and enders, which is DONE!!!) the African Star, (which is still in strips) the yellow wondow pane (which needs to be taken apart and re-aligned) the Project Linus, (Liberty and I are working on, and she is THRILLED) and I have a Marine Corps one to do for Mr. Wonderful, (just a lap quilt, I cheated and bought some panels)

The only problem is,,,I have been stitching more than I have been quilting, so I better "get to gettin" here because time slips by fast in this house!

hope you all are passing time happily