Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are getting an inch an hour in Michigan today, and it's not supposed to stop until Sunday night. Any body want to take bets on a total for two days? We had a visit from Santa already (AKA Mr. Wonderful) did anybody recognise him? Five of our grandchildren were already on his lap this year, and not one of them knew it was Papa!

Then we went home and decorated Christmas cookies...and waited for Papa to "get up from his nap"

We had a wonderful weekend, and now, all the company have gone home and the hugs have went with them. The last of the kids left yesterday, the family room is vacuumed, the bedding is washed, the cookies are all gone, and Granny's house is quiet.
But, the postman continued our Christmas vibe today, and brought the most wonderful package. Norma sent me a new ruler caddy, hand made by her Great White Hunter!!! How did she know I wanted one? needed one? I absolutely LOVE it!! It is extra long, and has five slots!! I"m going to have to go shopping to get more rulers!! hip hip hooray!!

My rulers are all so happy, I think I can hear them giggling in the next room! tee hee, they will nest good tonight, Thank you, Dear Norma!!
I hope you all have happy rulers!