Monday, April 20, 2009

Virtual Spring Quilt Festival!!!

I have been busy for the last two days...busy being totally engrossed in the First Virtual Quit Festival over at She has come up with such a wonderful idea.

So, the whole time I'm devouring all of the other entrant's quilts, I have been thinking of my own quilts,,,can you pick a favorite? Is it like babies, you love each one different, and the same? This squirmy little bundle is my very first attempt at quilting. My son and his wife was expecting a pink little baby girl, and so I pulled out one of my great-grandmother's aprons, one of my grandmother's tablecloths, and ran over to my mother's to grab one of her blouses.

I used an old blanket of my Grampa's for the batting, and one of my other grandma's curtains for the turned out to be the most comfy little thing in the world, and Elizabeth still thinks of it as her "best blanket."
What more could a granny ask for?
Not only did it pass some of our family "feelings" down to this baby, but it also made me leap into a new world of quilting. Each one of my quilts tell a story, but this one has history....sigh....feels so comfy!!
now, your job is to jump over to Park City Girl's blog and let us know about your favorite quilt! Be prepared to spend HOURS there!!
hope all your quilts are squirmy!!