Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just about as crafty as a Granny gets

Lamby & I have been crocheting, Does anybody remember "broomstick lace?" it is old, old, old, so ancient, I don't remember my own grandmother ever doing it, I have only seen it done once, other than the baby blanket I did over 30 years ago!
The real story is...The "broomstick" has been in the same drawer in the buffet since I finished the baby blanket for my oldest, he is now 33 years old. Along comes Leash rummaging and trying to organize, and the thing drops on the floor and the bottom breaks. I am the resident Glue Guru, so I glue it back together, telling her the whole time, Nanny gave me this 34 years ago, you have to be careful, plastic gets brittle,etc, etc, etc. Then, Elizabeth comes over and wants to know what it is, so I show her, next thing you know, she is watching a dolly blanket grow before her eyes. She just happens to have a cold dolly that has a dress that will match these leftover 1982 yarn balls! What luck! So, no quilting, just broomsticking. I am honestly riding my broomstick...tee hee! Anybody remember this stitch?
The wonderful and talented libby challenged us all to reveal our ironing boards, and you know me, I jumped right in and claimed the prize for the oldest, most decrepit, etc. My Mom recieved this when she married my Dad as a hand-me-down in 1950. It was up all during my childhood, and in the 60's when polyester came out, it was pitched into the basement never to be seen again. Fast forward to my own housekeeping, and I loved cotton, thought polyester was icky feeling, so I needed an ironing board, bad. The ol' girl ended up in my bedroom for years, then we built the new house and she became Queen of the Laundry Room. She has helped me tremendously and one of my grandaughters have already claimed her.
I was confident the Queen would be my shoo-in for some kind of praise, but to my suprise, she still looks good, (just a few cobwebs underneath, like me) the forties green is hardly faded, and her fairly new dress is not as tattered as you would think. So here is my friend, The Queen.

Have a wonderful day!


QuiltedSimple said...

That is going to be an awesome blanket - i love the colors and pattern. I've tried to crochet (with very little success) and keep meaning to go back to it, but other things take precedence at times. Can't wait to see the finished project!!


Libby said...

Love that board! Very much reminds me of my original (received as a wedding gift) I hated to part with it, but I wanted the bigger surface to iron and cut on when I began quilting. Thanks for sharing *s*

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mom and I both did broomstick lace, we did afgans. Hers looked better than mine 'cause I could never count right...imagine that!!
Aunt Mitze

Knot Garden said...

That ironing board must be an antique! They don't make them to last now.
I remember seeing patterns for broomstick crochet in the 1970's, but I've never tried it. It makes a really nice dolly blanket.

Carin said...

Your aphagan is going to be lovely!
I love you have a avacodo green ironing board.

Norma said...

I do Broomstick lace all the time, I find it much easier than regular crochet because once you get it going, there is no change in what you do, you just go for it. I have never done it in two colors though, I will have to try that!