Monday, February 11, 2008

I've heard it said...

that practice makes perfect, but I'm sure the person who said that never saw my quilting. Last week, Jakey and I made four little log cabins, and then his Daddy came to get him, so I sewed them together and made a little "pet quilt" thinking I'd get a little hand quilting practice out of it. I love doing hand work in the evening while DH and DD#3 watch TV. That little thing took me three nights to quilt. My stitching is sad, my stitching is crooked, my stitching is uneven. Practice? not so perfect. So, Elizabeth picked out some fabric, and we made a star, Granny
practiced maching quilting, instant gratification is a wonderful thing! But my stitches are still uneven. But, it only took about an hour (I'm not the fastest truck in the passing lane) and this time, I don't cross any lines or turn an odd corner. I didn't feel like such a slo-poke. Seems to me, that maching quilting is what I'm going to practice more often, tee hee.
Soooo, today, kids, we'll play with some other fabrics, maybe something spring-y, whaddya say?
have a great day,


QuiltedSimple said...

From what I can see - your stitching looks pretty good to me!! I like your little quilts - quick gratification because they are so small. Can't wait to see something spring-y!!

QuiltedSimple said...

Also, I'm starting the binding on the Sunbonnet Sue - and ITS WORKING!!! Glad to hear that someone else has bound a quilt this way (folding it over twice to the back)!! Thanks much,