Friday, February 8, 2008

Please tell me how...

you label your quilts.
What is the most important info to put on the label? What is the best way to attach it? Who are you labeling it for? My Aunt Biggie never labels, and from reading the blogs, I have "heard" how important it is...

On Jakey's race car quilt I embroidered his name, mine and Elizabeth's initials and the year, is that enough?

For Elizabeth's I cut a heart out of my mother's blouse and added the names off all the generations of fabrics that went into the quilt,
and for Tony's I again stitched my mom's blouse that matched and this time added the year.
I'd show you all but blogger won't let me add any more pics,
oh, pooh.

Please help me decide the best way to label.
thanks to all who comment...


QuiltedSimple said...

I think you've got the right idea on labeling - names, year, etc. I've never labeled mine, but I guess I ought to start.

Granola bars are all gone (that was quick in under 12 hours) but they are maybe(?) better for you than store brought ones??

I'll be anxious to see what other people say about labeling from your post - maybe I could convince Todd I really need an embroidery machine so I could embroider my labels this way? hehe

Knot Garden said...

It used to seem to me that labelling my quilts was giving my own work too much importance. But it is useful to have a record of when you made the quilt, so now I make a small label and just put my initials and the date. I write the information with a permanent pen or embroider it, and applique the label on. If the quilt was for a gift I would put more information on it and include the name of the recipient.
I think it's a matter of personal prefence really, how much information you put on the label.

Knot Garden said...

More thoughts opn labelling: I should have said, I now realise that it is a good idea to label your quilts:)
It's important for your family in the future to know your quilts were made by you and when.

Rose Marie said...

Take a peek at my blog and look to the far left and scroll down until you come to Label (3) where I have three different posts about labels. When I first started making quilts, I just embroidered my initials and the year. Many years down the road, someone will wonder who those intials stood for. Now, all my quilts have a proper label.