Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm a Stackin'...

and I'm a Whackin'!

We are definately tired of the cold, blowing snow outside, so a little Spring inside would be great, Right?
So we brought out the blooms! I got the book, Stack-N-Whackier by Bethany S. Reynolds, from our little library and it is soooooo easy!

I would love to get a triangle (like Starmaker 6) and have a whack at it,(pun intended, tee hee) But all I have are squares and rectangle, so I just made QST and...viola!

I have my favorite, whaddya think?

four little opportunities to practice my quilting!

Don't look too closely, when i'm eighty years old and am perfect on the quilting, I'm going to blame all these "littles" on the grandkids ;-)

We are now in the middle of spring, and the lady bugs are going about their business!

Have a day full of pink and purple blossoms,



QuiltedSimple said...

I love them - perfect spring flowers. Quilting looks very good too. You are cranking out projects way faster than me. Sunbonnet Sue will be posted DONE by the end of the day!!


Knot Garden said...

That's so pretty - love those happy colours.

QuiltedSimple said...

Lynn - I tagged you for an excellent blog - see my post from a few days ago!!