Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wow, busy, busy, busy

It has been a wild weekend, and still busy on Wednesday. For Valentine's day, my DH rented a cottage here,
it is about 5 miles from our home, so travelling in Feb wasn't an issue. This is the fourth time we've taken advantage of the "Sweetheart Special" which is 2 day, 1 night accomodations, Prime Rib dinner (w/ their fabulous desert) and breakfast. For pennies, you can stay two nights since it is winter and they are a resort. So we left on Thursday, ran home cuz we forgot our bathing suits, had a wonderful dinner, lounged in the hot tub, got up Friday and had a wonderful breakfast, ran home cuz we forgot DH's meds, picked up some low-calorie snacks, and spent the rest of the day reading, and pruning in the hot tub, and reading, awe-some weekend! I win the prize for having the most romantic husband!

We got home on Saturday, and Sunday was my Darling Leashie's 23rd birthday. I made the Lasagna, and her Daddy made the cake. She is such a darling! There are not enough adjectives in the English Language to describe how loving she is. She became mine when she was two weeks shy of a year, and she weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. at a year old. She came with half a hospital and 17 medications, most of them given 6 times a day. Through the years, she has given me many scares, many messes and many, many smiles. She is the last one, she is the baby, she is the one who cured my "I Want Another Baby" itch. She's the one who got the new crib, after 6 boys, she got all new clothes, she's the one who still lives at home. Thank God!
So now I'm thinking about the deserts, Double JJ Ranch mixes 37 kinds of chocolate and molds it into a truffle-like ball about the size of an x-large egg, they lay it into a martini glass and cover it with a rich vanilla creme......(sorry, need a napkin to wipe my drool)....I have dreams about this "Chocolate Ball" I wish I had pics but I didn't have my camera, next time...
Leashie's favorite cake for her birthday is what her and her daddy call "Dump Cake" the easiest cake in the world, and you would be suprised at how good it tastes. All you have to do is "dump" a can of cherry pie filling and a can of pineapple (not drained) in the bottom of a 9x13 cake pan and sprinkle a whole box of white or yellow cake mix (dry, not made as directed on box) on top, slice a stick of butter or margarine into thin pats and lay them on top of the cake mix. bake as directed on cake mix box and that's it. I usually sprinkle colored sugar on top, green & red for christmas, pink and purple for Leash, we are a home-made-cake family. Next time I'll tell you all how we make our "Paddy Cake"
have a wonderful day!


QuiltedSimple said...

Happy Belated birthday to Leashie - and your husband is awesome!!! And yes, I'm having to wipe drool off my chin just reading about your deserts - have to give the cake a try one night this week.

Stay warm,

Anonymous said...

Lynie, this is great! Such talent you have and beautiful, beautiful grandchildren. I love this. I've done a little quilting thru the years, I'm working on one now for Sara & Mike's 25th ann/
Leasha has wonderful taste in birthday cake. I love that cake too.
Happy birthday, Leash!
Aunt Mitze