Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snowing sideways in Michigan

That's right, 45-50 mph winds, and winter weather warnings. Welcome to Michigan in Springtime :-))))
The dreariness of it lasted all day till I got home from work and found a beautiful package, from the beautiful and talented finn !

I have to admit, my DH was as excited as I was and he peeked before I got home. So, I had to re-wrap for a picture, (they are so like children, aren't they? tee hee)

She shared some awesome fabric, a crochet coaster, and lots of I-can't-wait-to-plant-them seeds.

Her stationary is perfection!

Thank you, Finn, You are so giving,



QuiltedSimple said...

Beautiful gifts - isn't blogging fun? I feel for you, having the snow - it's 47 degrees here in Ohio right now, but a little windy. Stay warm,

Knot Garden said...

Great fun mail, I love the crcoheted coaster, beautiful and useful too!

Norma said...

Nothing like surprises in the mail to make your day. The coaster is great as is the fabric........and exchanging seeds is a great idea.

It was 90 degrees here yesterday with a light breeze.....sorry but I have to do that when I know it will be 110 soon.

Finn said...

Hi Lyn, *VBS*, glad you got the package ok and like the little goodies.
The purple strip tying the fabric is the width I tear fabric to crochet with..about 1/2 to 5/8". tearing works well, the kids love doing it...but ya gotta de-string the edges then..that's fun too!
I work with a K hook, and will send you more directions in the morning mail. Gotta fly before those snow flakes make it here..sideway or not! Big hugs, Finn