Monday, March 17, 2008

I have been tagged

by Kris at quiltedsimple to tell a bit about myself, you all know I can't spell, so I can''t use that! These are hard, kinda, you really have to think, and I just don't like to think...tee hee

here goes:

  1. Where was I ten years ago? in exactly the same place. I love it like that, I'm not a mover or a shaker, so if you give a good rut, I will wallow in it till the cows come home. I wish I still had the first house I ever bought, but I ended up with too many bodies and had to build a new one, this one is home, but that one was "back home."

  2. Things on my to-do list for today? I had to take DH to two Dr. appts, one was three hours, one was about an hour, in between I went to the fabric store to buy batting for DD#1's quilt, so I was even later to work than I thought I would be. Then I ran home for "the eatin' of the cabbage" since it is St. Paddy's day. then I ran my DD#3 to work, came home to the puter, then I'll work on my other DD's quilt, in between Dancing With The Stars.

  3. What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire? First I would build a new church, so our roof would never leak again, then I would build new homes for all my children on the lake, then I would supplement the state funding for our Area Intermediate School District so they would have enough funds for a water bed in each room. I would go to Good Will, and buy all the prom dresses for my dress-up-tea-parties, I could even afford to have them sent to the cleaners! Finally, I would split up all the big cities into little towns like mine, because we never have crime bigger than a tipped tractor.

  4. What are my 3 bad habits? Procrastination, first and foremost! after asking my DD and my DH, I would have to say #2 would be procrastination, and # 3 would have to be procrastination, in that order. (After some deliberation behind my back, the list is #1 procrastinator, #2 I'm stubborn, and #3 I'm a sucker.)

  5. Five jobs I've had? 1. I went around to all the independent gas stations around town and read their meters twice a day, it wasn't exciting, but I could drag the kids in the car, so I didn't have to pay a babysitter. 2. I started bookkeeping for my mother when I was 12. I'm still an accountant. 3. I was a Nurses Aide 4. I cleaned houses. 5. I taught migrant children in the summers through the Red Cross. Loved it!

  6. Five things you don't know about me. 1. I have crusty moles. thank goodness they are in spots that don't see the light of day, but they are still there, lurking on my body. 2. I collect clocks. I love clocks, I think they are fascinating! Each clock is like a child, with it's own personality. Every face is different, the chimes sing to my heart, and just the thought of watching time is a miracle to me. In the room I am sitting in now, the last count was 47. 3. I met my DH online. I know, it does not sound like me, but I wasn't one to go out "men shopping" and anything I met on the blind dates were either a drinker or a druggie, being raised in the 60's, it was very hard to find somebody my age who was "normal." This was in the mid 90's when it was odd, not fashionable like now. 4. I was Michigan's Foster Parent of the Year in 1986 and I was a single mom. 5. I am the worlds worst pack rat. Thank goodness I built this home, because I built in lots of storage. I have the oddest things, but if anybody needs leather hair curlers from 1882, send 'em my way.

Whew, that was harder than it looks!! If you have already been tagged, you are excused on this one, BUT YOU! yeah, you, you're it! get busy, and let me know when you have it all done, so I can get all your nitty gritty!

have a thoughtful day,



QuiltedSimple said...

Just from reading your posts, I would vote you as a wonderful foster parent/parent in general. Thanks for sharing - sounds like you had a busy day!!!


Norma said...

If I go to Good Will and buy a prom dress, and get it cleaned, can I come to a tea party? And bring my grand daughter? That sounds like so much fun....may have to steal that idea! LOL

Where ever you found him, Dh sounds like a keeper!

Finn said...

What fun....I'm with Norma, can I come to your tea party also???
I just knew you'd be fun and funny to hang around with *VBS*
Great post...sounds like you've moved some mountains, both large and small.
Beautiful flower pictures too. Hugs, Finn

Knot Garden said...

You sound like an interesting, funny and individual lady who leads a busy life!
Your flower photos are lovely. The pink and white dicentra are one of my favourite flowers.