Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess what I did...

For some dumb reason, I wanted to make a dress form to fit my awful, square, old-fat-granny body. I thought it would be a good idea. So, my best (the only one I would let tape my body) friend, Annie, and I went to the store for duct tape, stopped at Good Will and picked up a couple floor lamps, threw on one of DH's old shirts, and ripped tape like mad hatters, Annie went glam, and bought purple tape, and we taped,
and we taped, till our fingers were sore from ripping the tape
But, in the end, Lucy and Ethyl were born again. I'm too tired to glue all the fabric nice and neat like I originally planned, so I threw on a blouse and pinned fabric at the bottom, and viola
If you sew any clothing at all, I recommend this very highly, I am boxy and lumpy, so off-the-rack or out-of-a-pattern always has to be altered. I have become a wiz at elastic and darts over trhe years.
This is easy, fast, (about an hour and a half for each) and cheap. Now you're talking my language!

Hope all your mini-me's are fast and easy! tee hee


Norma said...

One of my mother's great sayings, "Where there is will, there is a way." Bet she never saw purple duct tape though! Pretty clever, you and your friend.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great idea - I too have a hard time getting off the rack clothes to fit - I'll have to try this out (and I like the purple duct tape!!)

Finn said...

Hey granny, you had me completely 'snowed'. After a second reading I realize you are making a form fitting 'form' to use as a pattern-put-on-and-test!
What a great idea! *VBS* I gather the 'bottom' of you, isn't as hard to fit, as the top???? LOL, great idea, great job, great friend!!Maybe I'll even follow suit(tongue in cheek of course *G*) Big Friday hugs, Finn

Angie said...

Well, isn't that just the cutest home-fashioned dress form!!! You are certainly multi-talented, my new friend!!! :) I love it!! And I ADORE your mug rug from Finn!! You are one lucky duck!!! :) Now I'll just have to make me one of those, won't I? :)

Jeanne said...

I've done this, but yours turned out much better than mine. Love the purple tape.