Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Blessing in a Box

Girls, can you peek in here and see a heart?
Because it was loaded with kindness and generosity, all the way to the top
Orphans and mug-rugs and blocks, oh my!
Look at all the yumminess!
and Candy, Too!!!! And to top it all off, Scraps, and Scraps Galore!...someone give me a mop, cuz my heart's in a puddle!

Little Miss Finn is one of the most open and generous persons in all of Blogdom Land. This box is proof, she sent not only pieces of her scrap bag, she sent pieces of herself. How can you thank some one for all that? Her heart is bigger than the Great Lake that lies between us!

Thank you, Finn,


Amelia said...

Finn is a jewel!

QuiltedSimple said...

Finn is wonderful - what a great surprise!!!

How is your husband doing?


trelly said...

It's very difficult to find a person like Finn, congratulations.Kisses

Finn said...

Hey Granny, you are having a senior moment and being to ramble...LOL
enough already! It's just 'stuff'. Nothing I needed to buy, just stuff I already had and hoped you might like to use.
I will confess to 'hand' selecting some of the scraps with your grandbabies in mind.Thinking they might like the cows, or beears, witches, etc. Have fun with the 'stuff'.
See what can sprout from your giving of seeds?? Who knew? *VBS* big across the puddle hugs, Finn

Knot Garden said...

Great box of goodies!

Shelina said...

That is a wonderful set of gifts. I just love the candy dish. I just might have to make one of those!

disa said...

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