Monday, April 14, 2008

The purple passion pizzled

oh, girls, it was a wonderful idea in the beginning! I drew a heart, swirled a sun in there, and thought it would be easy-peasy-punkin-pie to quilt over the paper and end up with the world's greatest quilted-by-lynie thing ever. As usual, I'm stuck. I am as coordinated as a soup sandwich, and the quilting of the thing is driving me crazy. Do you remember all the hours I spent practising on those easytohandle doll quilts? Did you hear me say how easy Tonia's was to quilt by machine? Did you hear the screams from Michigan last night when the darn thing was giving me fits?

What should I do? (A) take all the pins out of the papers and calmly throw them in the frazzle-ratsin garbage bin? (B) Sell my youngest child and pay a LAQ to do the dirty work for me? or (C) Put it away for a few days and compose my normally-easy-going self to give the thing another twirl on the dance floor? I promise, I did not crumple these papers in a rage. They crumpled all by their selves when I GENTLY rolled the thing up to put it on the golldarn machine. Please send HELP! If you have no help, Please send CHOCOLATE!

The good news is that Mr. Wonderful has come through his eye-implant surgery with flying colors. He is sleeping off the anesthesia and I went for a walkabout with my camera,
Crocus and Tulips peeking out in the sun! A sure sign of Spring in Michigan
And this baby was my mother's tulip. I replanted some out of her yard after she passed in '03. Red was her favorite color in everything, not just tulips, she raised and sold iris and poppies until the early 70's when some friendly young adults came in a Volkswagen van and bought every poppy she had. She was so proud of the sale, she called me to brag about it. I had to break the news to her that they might not plant them. She watched for the police to come for the next two months. I miss my innocent, unsuspecting, full of red poppies Mom.

She couldn't quilt, either.

Hope all your stitches don't have to be pulled out.



Finn said...

Hi Granny, boy, oh boy, you ARE having time aren't you???? Not sure you will want to hear what I have to say, but here goes.
I'd say take off the paper and pitch it. Just possibly you haven't quite enough practice or experience for such sharp curves. If they were BIG, gentler curves the turning of the quilt would be easier. I suggest you do straight line quilting over most of the quilts surface(i.e. 'in the ditch') and leave curves for something smaller. OR...redesign your heart and sun to be much larger curved area.
A very simple cable, similar to a figure 8 but less full, is pretty easy to machine quilt. You follow one path all the way down, or around, and then reverse and do the other...kind of elsipes rather than circles. And just a single line cable design, not a double. Not much harder than curves sweetie *VBS* Sorry. Told ya you wouldn't like it...LOL
Sending big hugs, Finn

Amelia said...

We all have had "Grand" ideas from time to time...then when we try to do them - they fizzle. Like every thing it takes practice and more practice.

Enjoy the outdoors...clear the cobwebs from your noggin and then attempt another try. Now that try might be tonight or next week or even next month.

Glad your DH is doing great after his medical adjustment.

amelia in Oklahoma

QuiltedSimple said...

Hi Lynn!!

I would re-trace them onto Glad Press & Seal Wrap (not on the sticky side) and then press the sticky side to your quilt - I would trace them a little bigger, and then use a darning foot to do the curves. I started out using the quilting tissue paper, but Glad Press & Seal works just as well. I wouldn't attempt this with a regular foot or even a walking foot - use your darning foot so you are not constantly turning your quilt around - try it on something smaller first if you prefer. I think it will be gorgeous once completed.

Glad your husband came through surgery well. Have a wonderful evening.


Norma said...

Finn knows more than me......but I would put the whole thing away and come back to it later. Sometimes, it just helps to stand back and let it sit, then think about it and try again...........then pitch it! I hate to say uncle so the whole thing has to make me very angry before I will give it up. Glad is all well with Mr Wonderful and loved your story about mom and the poppies. Innocence is awsome!

Artsy Threads said...

Greetings from Minnesota! I am surfing around blog-world and came across you. FYI - I would pay a LAQ and keep my youngest! Because I am about as coordinated as you, though I've never described it quite so well. (In fact, this is my 2nd try at posting so I hope you don't get this twice.) Your post had me cracking up - I love how you write. Your story about poppies and your sweet mom was great.
I'm glad to see you have some flowers peeking through - that must mean spring is going to arrive here next. Hope you can quilt your hearts - they are a great design!

Cheryl said...

I will be of no help with your quilting situation....but I can definitely send chocolate!!! Great photos of your flowers coming to life!