Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's Baa-aack

I have had problems with my cable/Internet. We switched not long ago to a "bundle" and all the computers network off mine. Something went haywire and we had to have the cable guy out here yesterday. Whew, what a hassle! You never realize how much you depend on these machines until they don't work!
Anyway,,,,,,,I've started a new project, a purple project! My husband's favorite color is purple, and his favorite flower is lilac. So, I am starting a new quilt for him, well, for our bed, and I have to paint the bedroom first and get rid of the blue. The pattern is an old 80's pattern from Eleanor Burns, called (are you ready for this?) Lovers Knot. It is only two blocks with some setting triangles, and I love the way it is coming along. I have had a lot of time to work on it this past weekend, my poor DH has been sick in bed with the latest virus going around. I'm not sure why I'm not the one who get sick, I'm the one who wipes noses, kisses baby toes, etc.
My top should be done today, but it is my "Brennie" night. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I have made "appointments" with all my girlfriends, to spend one-on-one time with the ones who are important to me, sounds wierd, but it works! The first Tuesday of the month is my ex-sisters-in-law night. They said I could only divorce some of the family. not all of the family. The second Tuesday is my Brennie, we have been best friends since we were 13, and I'm not going to count the years. Then the last Wednesday is my Annie, the one who was supposed to be my sister. We have been sisters since 1980. Which to me doesn't seem that long ago, but it has already been 28 years,,,,geez! And then there's Connie, she's an elementary teacher, so any night of the week is good for her as long as it's not P/T conferences, which this week is. Then, my two favorite co-workers in the world from a job I had in the 70's and early 80's meet me at Barnes and Noble every once in a while to catch up. All my other friends I see at candle parties, or baby showers, but these women are so inportant to me, and with everybody's jobs, kids, grandkids, husbands, and housework it is hard to see everybody you love. Call me crazy, but look at all the "girl time" I get, even though I work and have a family. I am truly blessed!
Have a great "girly day"


QuiltedSimple said...

This top is going to be beautiful - I cannot wait to see it completed!! Isn't it wonderful to have friends that have been there through the years? Have fun with your girlfriends, and we will all be here not so patiently waiting (hehe). I hope your husband feels better now. You must be germ resistent after being mom and kissing baby toes!!

Take care,

Finn said...

Hey Lyn, I'd love to be there if only I was closer *VBS*
I've gotten your wonderful gift of fabric posted today...do come and see how great it looks with the packet from DD#1.
I think the girlfriends gathers is top notch and what a great idea! We get so busy doing for others we often forget to give to ourselves.
Hope DH feels better very soon, and have to say the fabrics for your new quilt are just gorgeous. I can't say I love that particular pattern having made waaaaaaaay too many of them over the years. They work up quick and easy and are fun to look at.
One year at Christmas time I had 5 of them going for various customers...ug!
Extra big hugs, Finn