Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Lovely Aunt Biggie

My Aunt Biggie called me tonight, she wanted to disagree with my blog, she said I wasn't an old fat Granny, she is a beautiful, slender, Great Grandma, so she has no idea where I'm coming from. When my first two grandsons were old enough to talk, they called me Grandma, they lived in Kentucky and had three grandma's, when their Mom said "Grandma's on the phone" they asked "Grandma Who?" ......that about broke my heart, I wasn't special, I was Grandma from Michigan, so the next summer they stayed with us for a couple months, and I paid them a quarter every time they called me Granny, they earned enough to buy fishing poles and tackle boxes that summer, and the Granny stuck and I have paid dearly for the special name. Now, the younger grandbabies have never known me as Grandma, they have other Grandmas, but I'm Granny, and as Liberty said, I'm "the only-est Granny!"

I have raised 8 kids, all the way through the two's, to the twenty's and I have earned the title Old Fat Granny, I'm proud of it, and I'm good at it, so...Sorry, Aunt Biggie, its stuck.

this is the quilt that Aunt Biggie made me last year, the first one was when I was a teenager, and it is still my favorite, She is the one who introduced me to quilts. My grandmother sewed, but not quilted. I'm not sure why.

Have a lovely night's sleep,


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QuiltedSimple said...

You look way to young to be a Granny!! I really love the Barbie and Ken quilt - I'll have to dream up something like that for my daughter - it's gorgeous! Hope your husband is well on the mend.