Monday, January 21, 2008

Jakey's Ladder

I'm almost done with the Jacob's Ladder, and I love the movement! all that's left is the Border, I'm doing it in the rust color. Don't tell Aunt Biggie, but I machine quilted it, but, hey, it's not a UFO...right?

Am I the only one who tapes a button to my finger instead of using a thimble? (Don't tell Aunt Biggie this , either.) I glued the holes shut, and roughed up the surface, the I tape it to my finger with surgical tape, I used to use bandaids, but that got expensive. I am as coordinated as a soup sandwich with a thimble, I have tried all kinds, but either I can't bend my finger, or I can't "feel" the needle, or the darn thing won't stay on! So, anytime I'm doing hand sewing (like the border on this quilt) I just tape my handy-dandy button to my finger and I'm good to go! Yes, I guess that makes me "thimble impaired" but at least I have the button to be my "crutch." Wish all my problems were remedied that easily.

Have a creative day, gals


QuiltedSimple said...

That was fast putting that one together - I like it alot. Really a great color choice for a little boy!! I, too, can never seem to get a thimble right, I'll have to try the button trick. It would beat ripping up the fingers.

Katy said...

The quilt is beautiful!!! i LOVE it!! :)