Monday, January 7, 2008

My Granny's Aprons

This fabric was my great-granny's apron material. This isn't a repro, it is vintage. Every time I look at it, I can smell her. Apples and White Shoulders. Granny wore an over-the-neck apron all day, every day, and she was up, dressed, and her bed was made by 5:oo am. By 5:30 am, she had the potatoes peeled for supper and cherry jello jelly-ing in the ice-box. Granny's house was never without fresh peanut butter cookies and jello. When my grandmother, Nanny, passed in 1997, I inherited some of her fabric, and I found this cut already in a dress pattern, sleeves and all, but never sewn together. I wonder why she never finished it? I used some of it for a baby quilt for my granddaughter, because I wanted her to have that same warm "family" feeling just looking at it. Some day when I'm gone, my granddaughters will find little treasures like this and wonder why I was going to make a dress out of it, and why I never finished it. And then they'll press the fabric to their nose and smell White Shoulders.
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Finn said...

Hi Lyn, what a beautiful post about your Granny's apron. Both my mom and my Gram wore aprons all of their lives. Guess it was part of the culture of that time, like wearing housedresses.
No perfume tho, Gram always smelled of Ivory Soap and fresh air. Mom seem to have a damp laundry smell, which isn't all that bad either..LOL
Thanks for sharing the story as well as sharing the fabric for your grandbabies. Hugs, Finn

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