Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What season is it?

All our spring blossoms are "past their prime" like me, but it is not quite summer yet... at my house, we call that Helicopter Season, translated, that means I am sweeping the deck and sidewalks daily and it looks like it's snowing when the wind blows. The good news, is that in a week and a half, Mr. Wonderful can put down his cedar shavings and make all the flower beds look gorgeous!

My "Ethnic Stars" are coming along slowly but surely, they are kinda finicky because I picked the stripes,,,forethought is a wonderful trait that I know nothing about. But oh, girls, look at how ethnic it looks!! How fitting for today!

It is Liberty's turn to go with Granny, Papa, and Auntie Leash to the Creek, and her last day of school is today, so tomorrow we will be off! That means S'mores, Hobo pies, Hot dogs over the fire, and Pop, I always drink Pop (Diet 7-Up) when I'm out in the wild,,,call me crazy!

So, we are packing the Strawberry Shortcake Game, coloring books, and Granny's bag has some new balls to play with....

Does this look like a basket to you? I'm gonna figure out how to make one using the rug theory. Think it will work??? I cut up two old valances from the 80's and some left over black from the rug. I think I can...I think I can...

So I will be gone all weekend, back (dirty and sore and tired) on Sunday, so you kids behave while I'm gone!

Hope your weekend is "Campy"

hugs, lyn


Sara said...

Have fun with Liberty! Sounds like you have a great time planned! I love the ethnic stars quilt!

Norma said...

Granny time! Sounds like so much fun for you and the little one. Have fun and roast a marshmallow, brown not burnt, for me!

Let me know how the basket goes, want to do one of those too if I ever finish the purple bulls eye.

QuiltedSimple said...

Have a fun filled trip - I love the ethnic star quilt. And I can't wait to see the basket - but don't hurry back on my account - hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh so that's where you are Lynie, camping...Was going to come up for a visit but I have to find out about your comings and goings on here... Hey, the ethnic quilt is gorgeous. The last time I saw it was the day you bought the material and when you showed me we were so excited about how beautiful all the colors would look together. You are doing a wonderful job as I knew you would. Girls, she is so gifted I can't believe it. She doesn't even use patterns, and she whines about not being able to follow one...oh boo hoo, I wish I had her talent to make up her own patterns. Talk to you when you get back Lynie. Your good buddy Anna Banana

Finn said...

Hey Granny, how are the boonies?? Hope the camping is good with NO bugs!
Love the beginnings and middle of the ethnic star...looks fine to me *VBS* The stripes aren't suppose to match you know!
And hurray for more rag balls! I think you'll do just fine with a basket. All that makes it curl up into one is failure to increase. Once you have the base size, just go round and round, it curls!
Big hugs, Finn