Monday, June 9, 2008

I am one big Swapper

I have joined a swap, a Sweet Goodness Swap, to be exact, and they have given me I will show some pics of Jakey to entertain you while I answer a few questions: (His little shirt says "Little Guys Rule")

Let's Get to Know Each Other And Play 20 Questions!

1. What is your favorite Summer Drink(s)?

I love Lemonade with Diet 7-Up added, even the Crystal Light is good to me

2. What is your favorite Summer Activity?

swimming and geocaching, maybe walking, too

3. If you could spend a lazy afternoon reading, what would be in your hands?

Some fiction, but I love any non-fiction, right now I'm reading Eden's Outcasts (The story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father) by John Matteson, people's lives are so interesting to me

4. What is your favorite type of craft/art medium?

it would have to be fabric, I love the feel of new fabric

5. What is one art/craft supply you absolutely have been dying to have or try?

I think I've tried just about everything, at least once, but I would like to try braiding rugs again, now that I have the patience to finish one.

6. What are your favorite colors in our 'rainbow sherbet' theme? Pink, lime green, yellow, orange, aqua (or blue)

pink, yellow, and blue

7. What is your favorite sweet treat?

oh, easy...milk chocolate

8. Are there any craft or art supplies you would NOT be interested in receiving?

can't think of any...I'm easy

9. What is your favorite song today?

I cry every single time I sing "How Great Thou Art"

10. How do you 'pamper' yourself during the hot summer days?

I stay in the cool house and I eat ice cream cones

11. Do you have any kidlets or pets?

I have two of the best dogs in the world, and I have 8 grandbabies ranging from 1 to 18 that come to play with the dogs.

12. What is your best potluck dish for summer get togethers?

Usually, everybody asks me to bring my cheeseball and my cherry chocolate cake

13. If you could take a summer vacation anywhere, where would it be?

I would go back to Martha's Vineyard, I just love the slow, summery style there, it is a little like my small resort town, only on a much grander scale

14. Describe your decorating style. Does that say anything about your personality?

I'm not sure I have a "style" ...and I think that says everything about my personality...I am a "collection" of all that I love

15. What are your initials?


16. Why do you like to join swaps?

I have always loved to "share" things and get to know people

17. You have 25 dollars to spend just on you for a little treat. What do you buy? ((you can list more than one thing)

I would spend it junk shopping, (my favorite) we have a little store called the Junction, and all proceeds go to fund church camps, so I spend a lot of time there.

18. What's one craft supply or art supply you absolutely can not live without?

I would shrivel up and die without my sewing machine, it grounds me.

19. Who's the last person you hugged?

I just hugged my daughter good night

20. What's your favorite number and why?

I love 8, obviously, but don't you think 3 is just a pretty number? both in scale and in appearance.

So, there you have it! More snippets of the secret life of Old Fat Grannys!!

Hope all your treats are chocolate-y!


Caron said...

Your grandkids are adorable. Glad I stopped by your blog!

Caron in Michigan

Amelia said...

Grandson is so cute...

really enjoyed your answers...I think through these Q & A's we get to know people better.

Have a fun day...


Knot Garden said...

What a cool dude in his sunglasses.
It's good that you have your own personal style that reflects your personality and life! And I would definitely agree with you about the milk chocolate :)

QuiltedSimple said...

What a precious grandson - and great answers - I love reading everyone's answers - you feel like you really get to know people (and chocolate is never a bad option)


ArtsyMama said...

Fun answers and GREAT pics. So cute!!!

Norma said...

From one grandmother fabric addict to another......give that baby a hug and a kiss for me. He just looks like one that would give it right back and you can never have enough little boy (or girl) hugs and kisses!

I tell everyone my decorating style is "ME". If I like it, I decorate with it, after all, I am the one who gets to look at it all the time.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I just love all of your answers! You have a fun way of putting things into words! Your grandkids are adorable too! Blessings, Katie