Monday, June 9, 2008

Marshmallows, Hobo Pies, and Kids, OH MY

I have come to the conclusion that the best part of camping is the food, and the unlimited caloric availability. S'mores,
and can you just smell the cherry pie in this little baby here? HMMMMM life is good.

And then it's off to the pool (16 thousand times a day when the kids are with us) and my beach bag was drenched after two trips. I pulled out my crochet hook, gave up on the idea of a basket, and made a better bag, one that would dry faster....

Granny's got a brand new bag! All the other "Pool Grannys" were ooohhing and aaahhing over my bag! I have orders for at least three more!
So, we played Strawberry Shortcake, we colored, we dodged raindrops, and we sang till our voiceboxes were raw, and we just about gave up and went to town to rent some movies, when all of a sudden, the skies became clear, the Lord smiled down on our campsite, and three nice little giggling girls (and a most hilarious boy) ran up the hill and asked Liberty if she wanted to play...(my Lib is on the right)
We were truly blessed with these kids, and they had such good Moms!

Now we are home, and Libbee is back with Mom and Dad, and Granny and Papa are rested, looking forward to Elly's turn!

Hope all your weekends were full of giggles and catapillers!



Finn said...

Hey girl friend, so happy to see you back from the North Woods *VBS*
Sounds like you had a wonderful time tho...lots of puddles, more ways than one!!!
Love, love, love the bag...what a great idea. I think the possibilities for this medium are quite endless. Would give a whole new meaning to "string" bikini, wouldn't it???? LOL....maybe not.
Anyway, it looks wonderful, and as if it stretches to accomidate. I can imagine a wet swiming suit and towel would be equally at home in there, with no musty wet bag later!
Great ideas Lyn, keep up the great work. Hugs, Finn
P.S. Little surprise coming your way...leaving today *G*

Norma said...

Now Granny, you had to go and add something else to the list, didn't you? I love the bag........but know better than to ask how you did it! LOL You could give us all instructions.

Camping with little ones in the rain is fun........makes you learn fast how fast on your feet you are. We spent a whole weekend shut up in a RV with two last year and it was, well, interesting! The RV will never be the same, that is for sure. LOL

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great trip you had - and absolutely love the bag. How do you come up with this fantastic idea??

Sara said...

MMM! Hobo pies and smores! I love it! The kids look they are having a great time! Get well rested before the next one comes to stay!