Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home again, Home again...

Jiggety Jig!!!!!

Mr. Wonderful and I went to Whiskey Creek just south of Scottville, MI. It is a lazy creek that is serene and beautiful and fresh,,,I can't type all the adjectives for this place. We found it by accident,
When we were first married, we planned a trip to Hawaii for our Honeymoon. Lo and behold, a "Club Package" was pitched to us, a condo club which cost about $1000 base fee and $57 a year dues. The package saved us about $3200 on the trip to Hawaii so we signed on the dotted line and figured we'd not pay the dues the next year, and still would have saved a bundle. After that trip, the next year we used the club to go to Cape Cod, then Long Island, then Stratford, then Aruba, then Orlando, and with each trip we saved at least $1200-5000! Never could we have been able to afford the trips without the club, since the airfare and everything was included.

But then, one year hit us pretty bad, I lost my youngest son, Mr. Wonderful had to have back surgery, developed neuropathy and had to retire, my job got downsized...Our heads were still spinning, we could not afford to go, and really didn't have the gumption to skip all over the globe, anyway.

The next Valentines day, I was looking for a little two day get away for us, and since Mr. Wonderful had just had foot surgery, we couldn't go far. On my club plan, I searched for a cabin. "Whiskey Creek Resort" came up, and with our club plan, it was only $10 a night, so I jumped on it, one of the luckiest things ever!

We bought a camper trailer, and we leave it up there all summer, so it is like a cabin in the woods, only with all the comforts of home, yet a getaway, with the trickling of the creek, birds, deer, turkeys, and no phone! We can still get Good Morning America, but the Mr. turns it off after the news, (wow, very different than his usual habits) and we cook desserts on the fire, and drink our coffee in the morning by the fire. There is a club house with an indoor pool, hot tub, little restaurant, and on the weekends they have a band, or bingo, or something. On one side of the resort, you can buy your own lot, like we did, or there is a campground, and little log cabins scattered all over. 655 acres of vacation.

And the smell of apple blossoms add to the headiness of the resort. It only rained one day, so we went to a little bookstore in town, and the owner had missed us over the winter! We spent the biggest part of the day there, sitting with our tea, and looking over magazines, and catching up with the computer.

So, we have had our little piece of heaven, up on a little hill, surrounded by trees, I've read a whole book this week, and now it is back to work, and I missed the kids, and of course, all of you's.

Happy Mother's Day to all of us tomorrow, may our hearts be filled to the brim with love and goodness!

I hope you all have your little piece of heaven,



Amelia said...

Sounded like you guys really had a great time. Away - from the noise and bluster of everyday living -but still close enough if need be.

My question - is there a place to fish?

Have a great Mother's Day!

amelia in Oklahoma

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time - glad to hear it.

Happy Mother's Day,

Knot Garden said...

What beautiful scenery. Sounds look you had a really nice break. A belated happy Mother's Day to you:)

Sara said...

Sounds wonderful! I would love to get away! The property looks beautiful and such a deal!

Finn said...

Hey Granny, it sounds absolutely perfect to me *VBS* Like the line from Field of Dreams..."is this Heaven?", it's Iowa.
I could say 'lucky find', but I suspect it was part of the Universe's plan for you to find that spot.
Hope you are all rested and ready for summer. Big hugs, Finn