Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bundles of Love for Iraq

I have just heard about the most wonderful gift. A soldier in Iraq is ending his tour of duty in October, and the blessed man would like to give back to the people of Iraq.

After reading the book, 3 Cups of Tea, he has come up with the idea

to give the women whose lives have been turned upside down, bundles of love. He said they use and re-use everything there, every thread, every square inch of fabric, every scrap of yarn! The ultimate recycle circle. So, I have thrown in my hat, I know I have stash, needles, and yarn galore to share, do you? The quilting community has given me soooo much in the way of friendship, so I am happy to give a little back. You can help, too, if you'd like, You can read the post about it here at his wife's He really is Mr. Incredible. There are links to the "411" pages at the bottom of her post...

I'm off to the post office in the morning to get my box and send it off. The flat rate boxes cost $11.95 to send, doesn't matter how much it weighs. Too bad we don't have a place for this in the US, like Every Women's Place, or homeless shelters...any body know of a place here we send a bundle of love?

Hope all your bundles are full of love,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever just played with fabric, just because you loved the fabric?
Sara, the quiltingbookworm, sent some fabrics with her PIF and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! So, I putzed for a while and thought I would make a practice bag because, in a moment of weakness, I joined the Friendship Bag Swap. (the link is on the right column) and I have no idea what to make.
My Mr. Wonderful makes the best little model, doesn't he? He was out in the garden, and found our first tomato!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Let the feeding frenzy begin!
Rachel has a great tutorial on her blog, friendship-bag-tutorial., but it seemed too small, so I amended the measurements and ended up with this little sweetie. I love it! (thanks Sara, for the four patches!)
I think I might do some little stitcherie and start there?
What fun! how do you make up your mind?
Hope all your tomatoes are ripe!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a little stitching

I have not been completely lazy, I have sewn a few things, this little quilt was for a fund raiser that my SIL Kathy was puting together. A family in upper New York lost 3 daughters in a car accident, so I sent a quilt and a lot of prayers. I took the girls to a little quilt show just north of me last weekend, and they were so impressed! They oohh-ed and aahh-ed all over the quilts. They voted for their favorites and had such a hard time making up their minds.
But, boy the minute we got home, they wanted to do crafts right away, they were so inspired! I didn't want to get the sewing machine going because we had Jonathan, who is two, and is more interested in pushing buttons than sewing the fabric, So, we crocheted,,,and we crocheted!

Until it became too quiet! I looked in the toy room, no baby, I looked in the family room, no baby,,,I was getting nervous! the girls found him in the living room....Jonathan had almost fallen asleep in the corner with Cubbie. Thank Goodness for Cubbie, she is a better babysitter than Granny is!
This week, the girls are still stitching, one way or another, so I've made up my mind that we are going to every quilt show we can, just to keep them interested and maybe,,,just maybe,,,they will someday be so moved, they might finish a project!!???!!!
The weather has been cool here, lately, which I love! high 60's to mid 70's. But today was back to normal, and got up to 80. Humid. Sticky. My tomatoes love it!
Hope all your babies have loving dogs to cuddle with!