Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a little stitching

I have not been completely lazy, I have sewn a few things, this little quilt was for a fund raiser that my SIL Kathy was puting together. A family in upper New York lost 3 daughters in a car accident, so I sent a quilt and a lot of prayers. I took the girls to a little quilt show just north of me last weekend, and they were so impressed! They oohh-ed and aahh-ed all over the quilts. They voted for their favorites and had such a hard time making up their minds.
But, boy the minute we got home, they wanted to do crafts right away, they were so inspired! I didn't want to get the sewing machine going because we had Jonathan, who is two, and is more interested in pushing buttons than sewing the fabric, So, we crocheted,,,and we crocheted!

Until it became too quiet! I looked in the toy room, no baby, I looked in the family room, no baby,,,I was getting nervous! the girls found him in the living room....Jonathan had almost fallen asleep in the corner with Cubbie. Thank Goodness for Cubbie, she is a better babysitter than Granny is!
This week, the girls are still stitching, one way or another, so I've made up my mind that we are going to every quilt show we can, just to keep them interested and maybe,,,just maybe,,,they will someday be so moved, they might finish a project!!???!!!
The weather has been cool here, lately, which I love! high 60's to mid 70's. But today was back to normal, and got up to 80. Humid. Sticky. My tomatoes love it!
Hope all your babies have loving dogs to cuddle with!


Mimi said...

Oh, sweet!

Don't you just love it when the kids get inspired and enjoy creating? I love it when Evie wants to sew.

Love your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

What a nice quilt you created for the fundraiser. What a tragedy to lose a child, much less three daughters.


Micki said...

That's the way I was when I was a little girl.
It was nice to see the pics!

Sara said...

Your grandkids are so darn cute. ANd its great they are interested in the fiber arts! Love the pics!

PS: Its ON!! LOL!

em's scrapbag said...

They look so cute crocheting away! What a good Granny you are.

Lorraine said...

wow....your grandies are so lucky to have you to teach them.....and how cute are they all!! ...and lucky you have the dog to help you look after them! Are the girls making you a blanket for your knees for when you get really old???? LOL.....

Finn said...

Hey Granny, great pictures. And what an inspiration to take the girls to a quilt show! Love seeing all their activities. Sweet baby there by family furry *VBS* You can't convince me you'd ever do less than great with those kids!!
Sending big hugs for the cooler weather to return, Finn

Myriam said...

Super grand-mère!