Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bundles of Love for Iraq

I have just heard about the most wonderful gift. A soldier in Iraq is ending his tour of duty in October, and the blessed man would like to give back to the people of Iraq.

After reading the book, 3 Cups of Tea, he has come up with the idea

to give the women whose lives have been turned upside down, bundles of love. He said they use and re-use everything there, every thread, every square inch of fabric, every scrap of yarn! The ultimate recycle circle. So, I have thrown in my hat, I know I have stash, needles, and yarn galore to share, do you? The quilting community has given me soooo much in the way of friendship, so I am happy to give a little back. You can help, too, if you'd like, You can read the post about it here at his wife's He really is Mr. Incredible. There are links to the "411" pages at the bottom of her post...

I'm off to the post office in the morning to get my box and send it off. The flat rate boxes cost $11.95 to send, doesn't matter how much it weighs. Too bad we don't have a place for this in the US, like Every Women's Place, or homeless shelters...any body know of a place here we send a bundle of love?

Hope all your bundles are full of love,



clare's craftroom said...

You are very kind to be sending that , take care .

Finn said...

Super idea Granny *VBS* I'm so happy to hear the effort is spreading. As Americans we have soooo much. Great post! Hugs, Finn

Katie said...

I'm filling my boxes now and passing the word to others. Woman to woman is how we make friends and change the world to make it better. Yes there should be something like "care boxes" here in the USA. Locally, people have been filling backpacks for the children to use to go back to school. My part of MI is hurting sooo much. Love, Katie

Micki said...

That is so nice of you to get involved with such a wonderful project.
Your are so generous!

Snot Head said...

I found your blog through Micki's blog. Congrats on being the September Star...I can't believe you have so much family! That is wonderful. I love big families. I have four siblings, and my sister has started us all off by having 7 kids...she didn't really have 7 but there are 7 now. haha She has one step daughter, four bio, and two adopted. She says that's enough! Anyway, IBOL is wonderful, but I just need to make sure I'm understanding the concept here. You send supplies like knitting needles and yarn (because I don't know how to sew) but not actual blankets? Is there a certain way I'm supposed to bundle it so it can actually be handed out? I would probably just be sending yarn because I have a ton. I don't have many needles I could send, though. Is that a problem?

Sorry to ask so many questions. I know you were just posting this because you found it, but if you could help me out, that would be great. lol My e-mail address is, or you could reply to this comment, whichever.

Thanks, and congrats again!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi there...what a wonderful idea!!! I saw your interview over at Micki's...Blessings to you, Dzintra Ingrid♥x