Monday, November 24, 2008

Gearing up for the Holiday Season

I have been feverishly working on gifts for Christmas, it is a favorite tradition of mine to send out hand made gifts to some of the loved ones who have a place in my heart. Some of my family never read blogs, so I can show a few of the ones I have done. This is for my wonderful DIL, she is a "purry" type and I know she will love the french look to this. Pink is her signature color.
This one has some memories in it, my mother's blouse, and my grandmother's fabric. It is for my nephew's family, they just bought a new home outside of Chicago, so this fits.

This is for a perfect friend, she and I have been best of friends since we were 13,,,and I'm not going to count how many years that is!!

This is a rag rug for my neice, she loves the bags I made, and hinted that she'd love a rug, too. I love the controlled ragginess in this one.

And, another UFO of the yarn brand. I had a few granny suares, so I put them together and kept going, this one is a Linus Project blanket. I am still bogged down with yarn, after 6 of these are done, I have to admit to at least 5 more boxes of that a bad thing? or do I get bonus points for using the skeins up? tee hee
As for Mr. Wonderful, he is getting physical therapy on his shoulder, his insulin has been readjusted and they added another fast acting insulin, he has had an MRI on his knee, and will most likely have to have surgery, his back has been getting worse(worse than BEFORE his back surgery!), and they will re-evaluate in January. His stomach is better, with the help of Reglan, his foot problem is something called Charcot Foot, and is caused by his diabetes, and he has an appointment with a foot surgeon for that one. We only have one Dr. appt this week,,,,hip hip hooray!! one more thing to be thankful about! His pains are easing, one by one, and he is, once more, the wonderful husband I love.
I just want all of you to know how thankful I am, to have found a whole world of women to share and laugh and learn with. In these blogs, we spill our hearts, not just our stitches, and you have all been so wonderful!
I am thankful for you!
hope all your hearts are thankful!


Lorraine said...

I think your Mr Wonderful is just wearing himself out waiting on you! LOL.....hope things pick up for him soon....! Love all your Christmas have been a busy girl....I haven't started on Christmas stitching yet....yikes!!!

Norma said...

All those gifts are wonderful, lucky folks that find them under the tree. You are giving of you and what more could anyone want? The rug is wonderful, looking forward to getting back to that after the Christmas rush!

So glad that Mr Wonderful is on the mend. When the special guys in our life hurt, we hurt too! Take time to take care of you in the middle of all this!

When I give my Thanksgiving thanks, you will be on the list! Have a great day with your family.

QuiltedSimple said...

What wonderful gifts you have made! They are sure to be treasured. Glad you both are doing well/on the mend. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Winona said...

I really love the stitcheries you are giving away to family. They are going to cherish them. I made the same 'Bless this House', only I made mine in redwork. I love doing stitcheries, then turning them into small wall quilts. Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

trelly said...

lovely stitcheries!

Finn said...

Hey Granny, what lovely heartfelt gifts these are. Your stitching and the added bits of history make them as charming as I have ever seen.
So happy to hear that Mr. Wonderful is closer to being comfortable and happy, as you both deal with everything that is happening.
I think you deserve all the credit in the world for using your yarn stash in such a wonderful cause. You just keep doing what you are doing!!! *VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Sara said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love all your work, its so pretty!
And I am glad Mr. Wonderful is starting to feel better, hopefully he will be back to 100% before long!