Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One more UFO done!!

With all the time we have spent in the Doctors offices with Mr. Wonderful, I have done ALOT of stitching! And I finally got one finished, all the way! It was nice to have some time with Bessie (my machine) and our visit was productive! We talked, we giggled, and we sewed,,,how wonderful!!!
This pattern is a freebie from http://www.homeberries.com/, She has some beautiful patterns!!! This one was free, can you believe it? You should go check her out!
All is getting better with Mr. Wonderful, he had the zap done on his back, he is in therepy for his shoulder, and the build-up in his carotid arteries is under control. I have done a LOT of cooking lately, and I think that has given him the strength to get better (yeah, that was it) tee hee

Actually, I have been spoiling him, and now it is time to crack that old whip again and turn him back into my "Personal Happiness Supporter" (in other words, it is time for him to start baking again)

Hope you all have your loved ones watched over



QuiltedSimple said...

I love this stitchery - I'm downloading it right now. I got my bag - it's BEAUTIFUL - Thank you so much!!! And the kids say thank you for the candy corn (they were on a sugar high for 2 days, but I said "that's okay - it was from Granny". Glad hubby is doing well!

Lorraine said...

Glad Mr Wonderful is doing better....you had better look after him so he can look after you in the manner to which you have become accustomed!!

Finn said...

The stitchings are just beautiful Granny Lyn! What a neat project! I'll have to check out that link. So happy to hear things are a bit better for DH *VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Knot Garden said...

Beautiful stitchery with a nice sentiment, and I love the quilt you made it into.
Best wishes to your DH.