Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ol' Bessie is humming a happy tune!

I have struggled to get to my machine for a while, now. I spent time with the grandbabies, went on summer jaunts with Mr. Wonderful, did a lot of fartin' around in the yard, and the beach is always calling my name. So the lack of gumption in the sewing department was not bothering me too much, my African Star was whispering to me, and I found a beautiful yellow flowered fabric that has been nicely asking to be cut into, but nothing was screaming at me.

Then I heard of a friend who is planning a benefit, soooooo,,,what more motive could you ask for? I could cook,,,,naw.... I could sing,,,,,gawd no,,,, how about a good Irish jig?
Wait just a dog-gone minute.....I have TONS of leaders and enders (4-patches) to be used! Those darn ol' things have been bugging me lately. I even had them sorted (kinda sorta) in bunches... so I was half way there!!! Put them in a block,
put some blocks together,
figure out some sashing,
and in a day, you have a scrappy little flimsy. This one has 12" blocks, 2" sashing, and measures 58"x72" and I'm thinking it needs a green border, whaddya think? So far, all I've used is scraps, so if I buy a few yards of green, no big deal. And I won't have to do an Irish jig after all!!

The bonus is...Bessie is running again, and she has a smile on her face. You know how she loves a good benefit!
So, we're off to the LQS around the corner, anybody need anything while I'm there?

Hope all your Bessies are Happy Bessies!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

What a lovely project - and a happy machine besides - who could ask for anything more. I think a border would be grand - just a narrow one to "stop the action" of the blocks.

I've been away from my machine for a while now - but at least I've been able to get in some hand applique so I'm still doing some quilting.

I love your blog!!

Kris said...

I vote green! It will look wonderful. Machines are best when they are used every day. My sewing machine mechanic said so. (And that's my excuse for being in my sewing room every day) He said if you use your machine every day you will save money on repairs. (I like him) Your quickly put together quilt is beautiful. Lucky benefit! (Although I reckon you and an Irish jig would have raised lots of money too) Have a great week!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oooh I love it. Green, green, green is my vote. How simply scrappy perfect it will be!

Sara said...

Green is my vote too! I love the scappyness (is that a word?) and look of it. I especially love the green centers which just pop to me!Hope your friend does good with the benefit!

Katie said...

Just great. Even with some preparation done, one day seems pretty fast to me. I guess I'm a poky sewer. My machine has been calling me lately. hum....

Amelia said...

This creation turned out so cute...and you have puts lots of love into it. Be sure to show us the finished quilt after you complete it.

Have a great week...


Lorraine said... great to see you have been sewing...and you were telling me you haven't done anything....."farting" around in the yard....LOL...I hope you were wearing your daggiest trackies when you were out there...!

Jeanne said...

Green will make a lovely border for your scrappy quilt. You made good use of your time to get the whole top together in one day. It looks terrific.

Knot Garden said...

Wow, you did all that in a day! It looks beautiful and I think a green border would be perfect.