Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Raggy Baggy Tutorial

So many of you have asked about my bags, ie: how do you start the bottom, how do you attach the handles, so in honor of Finn, (who is the Tutorial Wonder) I thought I'd tell all of you at once, and do a tutorial. Here goes, (for my first) let me know if I've left anything out. I'm not good at reading patterns, so ,Lord help me, I'm in no position to write one, good luck with this!!!

[Any comments about the liver spots on my hands will not be tolerated! 8-) ]

I start out with a size "K" hook, and strips cut (some people tear them) to 5/8 inch wide. To make a large bag, you will need about four 4-inch balls of strips. (the equivalent of one full size sheet or 3 and a half yards of fabric.)
Chain 24 . chain 2 and stitch first dc in 24th stitch. dc all the way down your chain.
In the last stitch, dc 4, Turn the corner to dc on other side of the chain. (I dc over the tail here, to save the trouble of weaving it in later) Dc all the way down this side. Dc 4 in the last stitch and slip stitch to end first row at the first stitch. Chain 2 at start of all rows, and dc in the same stitch. Dc all the way around the row, double the stitch in the curves for 3 stitches to ease the corners for the second row. On the third row, dc all the way around, without adding any stitches, this will curl your sides up to form the bag. Continue all your rows with a single dc in each stitch. I usually go 14 rows before I add the handles.
On the 14th row, you will have a good size bag. Now we need to add the last two rows with the handles. We'll need to find your "true sides". To find your sides, lay flat and slip your finger into the lone stitch at the side, this is your true side. I count seven stitches toward the middle.
(it is very important to mark where your handles will start and stop, believe me, it is confusing if you don't) Use a strip of a darker color to mark your seventh stitch on all four sides. Dc around to the marker on the 15th row, (or how ever many rows you wish) and then chain 30. I have used less, but 30 stitches is a good amount to give you room to slip the bag over your shoulder.
Dc to attach it where your other marker is. (the 7th stitch from the left side.)This shows how the chain start would look like.
Continue to dc around to the other side where you will chain 30 at the next marker. Attach with a dc and continue to dc through the row. On the 16th row, dc all the way around, even in the chain. This will beef up the handle a bit and the double crochet strengthens it bit more. At the end of the 16th row, tie off.
Here, you can see how the two rows make up the handles.
I always try to add a little interest, a crocheted flower, this one has a heart because I didn't have enough of the purple to do a whole flower.

And there you have it. Once you get your strips sewn and in balls, the actual crocheting only takes a couple hours. Good luck, everybody, let me know if you make one!

Hope you all have a raggy baggy night!



Norma said...

Very neat! Hey, you have liver spots on your hands too? We have so much in common......LOL

What size hook did you use?

If I ever finish my attempt at a oval rug, this is on my list. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

QuiltedSimple said...

Uh oh - I love these bags- but haven't a clue on crocheting - guess I'd better figure it out, right???? (And I never even noticed the spots:))

Knot Garden said...

Great tutorial! How wide do you cut the strips, and are they the same width as you would cut for a rug?

Sara said...

Spots? What spots??
I love the bag, but I too have no idea how to crochet. I have a needle that I picked up with the intention of learning, just never have got around to it!

Finn said...

Hey Granny, what a great job you did!
Like Norma, I think you should mention HOOK size since it makes such a big difference, other than that, perfect!
Now if we can just convince Sara and Knot Garden how simple it is to crochet.
Glad to have you back in blogland, missed ya! Hugs, Finn

Belvie said...

Nice bags!

Liver spots?? I keep telling everyone I know that mine are freckles! You've got nice looking hands in my opinion. Wish I could grow pretty, long nails like yours.

Angie said...

You cannot imagine how excited I was when I checked your blog just now and saw that you had done a crocheted rag bag tutorial!! My computer has been down for some time now, and I haven't been able to play with my friends. :/ Thank you bunches and bushels!!! :D I can't WAIT to give it a try!! Your bags are wonderful===and I love the Lazy Girl bag! :D