Monday, June 29, 2009

Whattya Know?

She remembers how to blog...Shall I apologize for being gone so long or shall I just slip in here like I've been here the whole time? Actually, I have been lurking here and there, and loving every body's posts. Now I've worked up the gumption to be a big girl and blog myself!

Besides, I am so proud to show off these pictures...

Elizabeth is sewing....and she is doing such a good job of it, too! She is only 6 years old, and she is a whiz at the machine, her and Bessie have become best of friends! Just look at those lines, and the form, and the curved seam allowances give it soooooo much character...don't you think?? :-) I have not put one stitch in these blocks! (ok, I did the cutting of the strips, but she selected the scraps, and the yellows, she stitched, and she designed)

(When I started taking pictures, she HAD to into the bedroom....and get her Hanna Montana slippers to show off,,,,too cute!!)

And the absolute BEST part of all this is...50 years from now, she will be (hopefully) sitting at her machine, telling her grand babies about making her first quilt with HER granny...brings tears to my eyes!

Thanks to you all for hanging in there with me! and for giving me HOURS of entertainment with your blogs...

Hope all of you remember how to strip! tee hee