Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving forward

We have had the pleasure of our little Jakey here the last week, his sister has a rotten cold, and Jakey;s counts are not good enough to fight off a cold,,,We have read so many books, and colored so many pictures of Lightning McQueen that our eyes are blurry.

We have three birthday grandies this week alone,

So we partied all weekend! the kids were so fun,

We are planing a benefit to help the kids with the extra costs of Jacob's care, ie: travel, work loss, costs to stay in Grand Rapids, etc. So, my Aunt Biggie made a quilt to raffle off, this is a rotten picture of it, but the quilt is awesome,,,hand quilted, machine pieced.

oddly enough, she did not know that this pattern was called "Jacob's Ladder" funny how things happen. ??

Hope all your grandies are giggling!