Monday, January 5, 2009

Where the Heck Have I Been?

As you all have seen on the news, Michigan has had bad weather for as long as I can remember. We live on Lake Michigan, and we get what is lovingly called "lake effect snows." We have already had 68.3 inches of snow in the month of December, then we had a thaw and a freeze, then rain...and another freeze. so we had about three inches of solid ice.

Now, anybody with a Mr. Wonderful of their own knows you can't keep a good man down...unless you break his legs. God took care of that during a trip to the mail box. I was sitting in the living room with my daughter and I thought he was in his office. I heard a muffled moan, listened for it again, and finally said to DD, "Do you hear Dad yelling at us?" We found him flat on the driveway, unable to get a foot hold, and twisted, in a weird way, You guessed it, Surgery Room #6C . A normal person would have pain after a surgery like that, but he said he had the worst of the pain before. Still, he has progressed from walker, to crutches, now he is using a cane, and in the morning he walks without anything. (In the mean time, guess who has to do all the menial little chores that a Mr. Wonderful is responsible for??? Guess who can't remember to take something out for dinner??? Guess who forgot how to turn on a crock pot??? that's right, this old fat granny, that's who!!!)
Plus, we have had tricklers for the Holidays, I finally got my Rob and Lucy, I haven't had them for an extended time in a couple years, they came for weddings and funerals, but then Rob had to rush off to get back to work. (He is an air traffic controller) so, I finally got my hands on those little girls, we did everything!! and we giggled while we did it!!!
Angela and Al just left on Sunday, she helped with her Dad, blogger would not let me add any more pictures, so I can't show her off, she is 107 pounds of heart, and the most loving daughter a mom could ask for.
I got all but one of my kids home this year, so that is pretty good odds. People tease me about having a tribe, and if they were all home at once, we'd have to rent a hall to have dinner together...tee hee

I did not get the yellow sunshine done for Finn's UFO challenge, I'm still plucking away at it, one stitch at a time. My first hand stitched bedsize quilt. I will feel like a big kid when I get it all done..... but I did get the Ethnic Star done, and my little ethnic star loved it!!! I'll have to show a picture when blogger feels more generous.

This was the last of the gifts I got completed. Digging around in bins for all my UFO's for the challenge, I found stuff I forgot I had. I"ll save the stories of them for another blog.
Hope all your Mr. Wonderfuls are able to cook for you!!!